ANCYL KZN urges Gumede to focus on her criminal charges

The ANC Youth League in eThekwini has called on Mayor Zandile Gumede to resign in order to defend herself against criminal charges.

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Meanwhile, the main branch of the party says it won’t take any rash decisions against her.

Gumede’s out on R50,000 bail, with strict conditions, after her arrest for tender fraud estimated at R208-million.

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According to the Hawks’ Hangwani Mulaudzi rushing the cases will compromise everything.

“For us to rush cases just for the sake of rushing them, it will just compromise everything. We are just dealing with the cases as they come,” said Mulaudzi.

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The State alleges the mayor influenced processes to ensure certain service providers were selected.

Gumede and 11 other people implicated in this case are due back in court on the 8th of August.

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Watch the video below:

8 thoughts on “ANCYL KZN urges Gumede to focus on her criminal charges

  1. They must be charged because they misused the state money for their own selfish reason. Poor people paying tax but them using the tax money for the rong reasons. We are suffering as poor people. They are living the good lives with our money.

  2. She must first payback the money we need houses I stay in the shack for 25 years

  3. If she win the case let her do her job if she is guilty then she risgn but now just sespect where is going to get money to defend herself if she leaves the job the good thing sespend her on full pay as usual

  4. She do not deserve to being a suspension mayor she need to dismiss for sack of being suspect of fraud up until court of law take a dicision.

  5. No no no she must pay back the money and be fired we don’t need people like her in our democracy poor people are suffering bcoz of their greedy let her go now

  6. She shouldn’t be punished. Why punish one drop in a sea of thieves? Who’s clean in that circus?

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