Amazon Launches Kindle Lite In Kenya

Amazon has announced the launch of Kindle Lite, the lightest reading app for Android smartphones, in Kenya.

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The app designed specifically for smartphones with limited storage that run on slower networks, the app is only 2 MB and provides you with a great reading experience even over 2G/3G networks.

The Kindle Lite app is free and includes features readers love, like an integrated dictionary so you can easily look up the definition of a word.

The app also makes it easier to browse and read from a collection of over 5 million eBooks, including thousands of free eBooks. Kindle Lite is available today and can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store.

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“The ability to get lost in reading a great story should not be limited by the speed of your network or storage size of your phone,” said Sherif Yacoub, Vice President, Kindle. “We designed the Kindle Lite app to improve the reading experience for all our Kenyan customers – offering faster downloads, instant reading, and a lighter app.”

Kindle Lite for Android

* Uses minimal storage – At just 2 MB, Kindle Lite is ideal for smartphones with limited storage.

* Optimized for slow networks – Read anytime, even on a slower data connection, including 2G/3G networks. Dive right into an eBook without waiting for it to fully download.

* Easy to get started – Instantly browse books and read free samples without logging in.

* Enjoy free books – Explore thousands of free books from a rotating selection in the Kindle Store.

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The free Kindle Lite app is available for download now in Kenya on the Google Play Store, or customers can also continue to enjoy the full version of the Kindle for Android application.

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