5 Tips that are guaranteed to help get ladies on your lap

Succeeding with women is one of the hardest things, to stand out in a jungle where there are so many great lions. If you are struggling with ladies, this might turn everything around for you.

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You don’t need those cheesy pickup lines, you don’t need fancy clothes. You just need these key skills.

5. Body language is very important in making a great impression, it is even better any word that you can use when approaching a woman. Submissive and apologetic body language is definitely unattractive to women and won’t get you anywhere, not their hearts or even their minds.

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4. Know what you are going to say before approaching her, it’s kind of like at school, you do better in prepared speeches than unprepared speeches. Just make sure that you don’t ‘over prepare’, I mean she’s not a programmable robot and unless you can read minds or know the future, you won’t know her responses, just make sure you are prepared for anything she would throw at you and you can answer every question she asks. Also, make sure that you keep the conversation going, you don’t want to be in those awkward moments with her.

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3. Take control, When you’re out with a woman and you’re teasing her, she might say: “Be nice!” or “You’re mean… Stop it!” or “I don’t like that…” Usually, it’s because she’s trying to see if she can control you because she perceives that you are now taking control. When this happens, I always shoot something back like: “I’m glad you like it.” This is confusing to them, but it also transmits my message loud and clear: “I’m the one who’s in charge of my own reality, and I don’t change just because you’re acting annoyed.” Women may argue with you when you do this, but deep down they will respect you and feel more attracted to you.

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2. It is very easy for women to give you her numbers if you are having a great conversation. You need to ask in a correct manner when you are about to leave. Ask her if she has e-mail, then when she says yes, tell her: “Great, I’m leaving, but I’d like to chat with you again. Here, write it down. And write your number there, too.” It’s so simple, it’s almost stupid. You’ll find that many of the women you ask will just give you their e-mail and number that easily. The more you do it, the easier it gets. Don’t buy into the idea that women aren’t comfortable giving out their numbers. It’s just not true.

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Improve yourself as a man, something most guys don’t take time doing. It will defiantly pay off in the end just try it. You need to invest time in yourself.

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Try these five tips for yourself and see how that works out for you.

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