”I am worth more than R500 000!” – Mshoza

Mshoza has just rubbed a few people the wrong way. Musician Nomasonto “Mshoza” Maswanganyi took to Twitter to say that her naked body is worth more than R500,000 because of the cosmetic surgery she’s had on her nose and bum, just to name a couple of examples.

Twitter was ablaze when she added that she was fed up with being asked out by guys who couldn’t “afford” her.

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In a three-part video series, Mshoza advised men to firstly check the kind of woman they wanted to ask out and see if they could afford her before proceeding with the calls and WhatsApp messages.

She said: “Me, just when I’m naked, with this body nje, just before I wear the bra and the panties, I’m worth over R300,000 – that’s just my breasts, bum, nose. I’m worth over R500,000 actually, coming to think of the nose. So if you’re gonna keep calling me or sending me WhatsApp messages, look at yourself first.

Think about it and think hard because I’m expensive, guys. Check the people you ask out, their beauty is not free, they paid for it. Calm down with your R5,000. Stop sending me WhatsApp messages, stop calling me if your account is less than a million, please.”

She continued to say, “I wasn’t saying I’m in need of a man, I’m okay where I am and I do have a man. I was just letting you know that when you come to ask me out with your conquest, you must know how much money my man spends for you to tell me I look beautiful. I don’t need you to tell me that, no need for you to send me my pictures. I know I’m beautiful. I know I’m expensive. Right now, just sitting at home, my Versace T-shirt is worth more than your car.”

The musician has been trending since and her video has since started a debate on Twitter.

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