Ethiopian enters seventh day of internet blackouts

 Ethiopia has entered its seventh day of being offline sparking citizen outrage as nobody’s explaining why.

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Reports state that the outage comes days after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed pledged to improve the country’s internet service.

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The country’s state-owned provider Ethio Telecom had cut off the country’s service for three months before coming power into power last year.

He vowed that the state-owned provider would be broken up and privatised.

According to reports, nearly 16% of Ethiopia’s 100 million population have access to the internet being major earners

Since 11 June, social media platforms such as Telegram and Whatsapp have been restricted, stated internet monitoring service, Netblocks.

On Monday, business owners and journalists told CNN in the capital of Addis Ababa that they were using VPN to connect to the internet and access messaging platforms.

Serak Tadele, a tour operator, complained about his struggles of getting online to book travel plans for his clients since due to the internet restrictions that happened last week.

“Every time there is a suspension of internet, we continue to use the business centre at luxury hotels,” he told CNN adding “It’s expensive and is an added cost to us, and sadly, we can not simply pass that on to our customers. But it ultimately, this hurts our business.”

Many people weren’t able to go online most of the time even after the connections were partially restored at different times last week.

Text messaging services have been disabled since last Thursday.

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