Mbalula: 24-hour shifts for traffic officers

Minster of Transport Fikile Mbalula has urged motorists to exercise caution when driving and to avoid accidents on national roads. He was speaking in Polokwane in Limpopo after 45 people were killed in road crashes over the long weekend. The most fatalities were recorded on the R81 in Maphalle, which claimed 24 lives.

Mbalula says the law needs to enforce strict consequences for road users that do not abide by the rules. He condemns reckless and drunken-driving.

“We have had more than 44 fatalities in this province and elsewhere in the country. We don’t take responsibility for our reckless driving. We don’t take responsibility to ensure that we respect the law. If someone passes a roadblock through a bribe and causes an accident elsewhere, your whole family could be in danger because we allowing just an individual to surpass the laws of the country and an officer of the law. It is an act of criminality to be on the road and undermine the laws,” he said.

The Minister says he will ensure that traffic officers operate on a 24-hour basis in provinces which record high numbers of fatalities, especially Limpopo. He added, most fatal crashes are a result of reckless driving as well as unroadworthy vehicles.

Mbalula says he will be engaging with the province’s MECs where there are high numbers of crashes.

“Here in this road block already we’ve got a bus that is not roadworthy it has got fraudulent papers, and then they are using side ways to avoid traffic officers. You can imagine how many of those don’t have lights, brakes, roadworthiness; all those things must actually be checked. We need to increase officers on the ground. We need to get them to work 24/7. Those are the things I’m going to fix with our MEC’s in the provinces here and this is what we are going to do going forward,” he added.

One thought on “Mbalula: 24-hour shifts for traffic officers

  1. The honorable minister is 100% correct, we need to be protected 24/7 by the rule of law. We need adequate traffic officers in every road around the country whether the road is of a low or high standards. Each an every road it must be officiated 24/7.
    Hire more traffic officials minister and please nationalize traffic law enforcement, the application of AARTO must be infect.

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