Court orders Gupta-owned firm to pay Eskom R600M

The Pretoria High Court has order Gupta-linked consultancy firm Trillian Capital to pay back Eskom’s R600 million.

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This comes after the court expressed that there was no legal or factual basis for the state-owned utility to pay the firm the hefty tag.

The court ordered the company on Tuesday to pay back the money declaring as unlawful and invalid Eskom’s decisions that led to the millions flowing into the company.

Eskom approached the court last year demanding payment of more than R1.6 billion which it had paid unlawfully as a result of a corrupt and invalid deal.

Trillian has been refusing to pay back anything even though McKinsey has paid back R1 billion.

The court said it was just and equitable that Trillian pays back R600 million to Eskom with calculated interest from the date of the ruling which was on Tuesday to the date of payment.

According to an Eyewitness News report, the full bench of judges said that would prove that crime – no matter what euphemism is used to describe it – does not pay.

On Eskom executives Matshela Koko and Anoj Singh, the judgement has been harsh as they played a crucial role in approving the payments.

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The judges described the former senior official’s actions as amounting to corrupt behaviour as they left no stone unturned to benefit Trillian.

It’s currently unclear if the consultancy company oppose the court’s judgement as it has also been ordered the firm to pay the energy utility’s legal costs.

Source: Eyewitness News

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