JMPD bust highjackers instances after incident

Two suspected hijackers are due in court, after being followed via Sanral CCTV footage and arrested by Johannesburg Metro Police officers. 

National roads agency Sanral shared dramatic footage of armed men – who were caught by cameras managed by the agency’s traffic centre – hijacking another vehicle. They were followed by the Johannesburg metro police and caught in 13 minutes, according to the agency.     

Sanral’s Vusi Mona said the agency had installed cameras in the Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng. Apart from catching criminals, Mona said the cameras would also assist motorists to better navigate their way through busy traffic, among other functions.

Mona said there were 294 CCTV cameras across Gauteng, which operate 24 hours a day.

“The FMS [Freeways Management System] is active on about 251km of freeways in Gauteng and currently includes 10 incident response units, 10 towing recovery units, eight heavy recovery units and six motorcycle medical response units stationed at strategic points on the freeways. All these units are comprised of highly trained first responders with specialised equipment and are operational 24 hours every day,” he said.

JMPD spokesperson Wayne Minnaar said Sanral camera operators spotted the hijacking and followed the vehicle until the officers were able to get to the scene.

In the footage, two metro police cars are seen forcing the hijacked vehicle onto the side of the the N1 highway. Officers then jumped out of their vehicles and arrested two people. 

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