Hepatitis E virus detected in Cape Town products

Hepatitis E could’ve found a home in Cape Town warns Scientists.

This comes after Scientist detected the virus from two liver spreads of the 144 food samples purchased from supermarkets and butcheries around Cape Town in 2014 according to the National Health Laboratory Service’s Stephen Korsman.

Korsman expressed that the liver inflammatory virus was detected in Western Cape Pigs.

Scientists have urged pork consumers to thoroughly cook pork to avoid contracting the diseases.

Jaundice, loss of appetite and nausea are common symptoms. Pregnant women and people with comprised immune systems who have contracted the virus are susceptible to a very acute liver failure.

“The risk of contracting the virus by way of pork products is higher when consuming undercooked or raw [meat],” said Korsman.

“Cooking at 71ºC for 20 minutes has been found to fully inactivate the virus.”