Rita Ora loves showing off her sexuality through fashion

Rita Ora says that showing off her sexuality through her fashion choices is “empowering”.

The 28-year-old singer and actress says women “naturally use sex appeal” and she loves showing off her sexuality with her fashion choices.

Speaking to Virgin Media’s “Xposé”, Rita said: “What I look for when I make style choices really comes down to who I want to be that day. I think that as a woman we naturally use sex appeal and I feel like that just comes out of our pores whether we see it or not. We are just that kind of creature.

“I really rely on that, I really rely on being a woman. I make the most of my choices, and even of showing my sexuality because I find it so empowering.

“I look at it like beauty and art. I envy the girls that can go out and not wear any make-up and feel comfortable and sexy. For me I like making a dramatic impact, so I like to put on make-up and to decide on how I want to feel that day.”

Rita is happy to take fashion risks and never wants to be afraid to try new things.

She explained: “I would like to have no boundaries. I would like to feel like I can wear anything and everything. My history in style has been really sporadic so far.

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